We invite all women, children and two-spirit people to add your name to this Declaration.

We, the Secwepemc, have never ceded, surrendered, or given up our sovereign title and rights over the land, waters and resources within Secwepemcul’ecw. We have never provided and will never provide our collective free, prior and informed consent - the minimal international standard - to the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Pipeline Project or the Kinder Morgan Man Camps.


Kinder Morgan is applying for a 1000-worker Blue River Campsite on 16 hectares of our lands where we harvest berries.  We are also opposed to Kinder Morgan's anti-spawning mats. Even though Kinder Morgan has been ordered to stop installing these mats, we have found and removed anti-spawning mats from our waters. Salmon are our sacred lifeline through generations and we will not compromise the health of our salmon.


Kinder Morgan and any other corporate colonial project that seeks to go through and destroy our nation and land will be refused passage.


We stand resolutely together against any and all threats to our peoples, our women, our two-spirits, our children, our lands, the wildlife, the salmon, the waterways.


Man camps provide temporary employee housing to thousands of mostly non-Indigenous male workers – who are legally disallowed from bringing their families – in the resource sector. This is a consistent pattern of the settler state over the past century. Hudson's Bay Company prohibited European women from accompanying, and flooded Indigenous lands with non-Indigenous men who kidnapped, sexually exploited, enslaved and sold Indigenous women.

Artwork by Erin Konsmo

Today, wherever man camps are set up, we face exponential increases in sexual violence. As development results in the destruction of our land base and our food sovereignty, it also drives up food and housing prices. This further intensifies our economic insecurity and we are forced into even more vulnerable conditions.


As James Anaya, the former United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, has noted “indigenous women have reported that the influx of workers into indigenous communities as a result of extractive projects also led to increased incidents of sexual harassment and violence, including rape and assault.”


The Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota, for example, is at the epicenter of the Bakken shale oil boom - one of the largest sources for oil extraction in the U.S. The rates of violence against women at Fort Berthold have tripled with 243 reported rapes in one year. North Dakota now has the eighth highest incidence of rape in the U.S. During the height of the Alberta tar sands boom in 2009, the region had the countries’ highest rate of domestic violence.

Photo taken by Linda Roy of Irevaphotography Model: Water Warrior Autumn Peltier

There is currently a national inquiry into thousands of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls to investigate the systemic causes of violence. Our missing and murdered women, girls and two-spirits are individual lives that represent ongoing colonial gendered violence. The national homicide rate for Indigenous women is seven times higher than for non-Indigenous women in Canada.


We know this horrific violence will not end while the pillage of our lands continues. The water of our lands and the water in our bodies create and sustain our nations. The colonial corporate system of resource extraction relies on the connected violences of destroying our lands and violating our bodies.


Last year Amnesty International released a report calling for the national inquiry to specifically examine violence tied to resource development: "In actively promoting intensive development in the northeast, federal and provincial officials have emphasized benefits, while largely ignoring serious – and sometimes deadly – unintended consequences for wellness and safety that disproportionately impact the lives of the indigenous peoples who live there, particularly indigenous women and girls.”


We, as Secwepemc women, declare that we do no consent! We do not consent to the desecration of our sacred land; we do not consent to the transgressions on our sacred bodies!


We are currently building ten solarized Tiny Houses on our land to block Kinder Morgan. By doing this, we are providing housing to Secwepemc families, re-establishing our village sites, and asserting our Secwepemc responsibility to our lands and waters.


We have lived on our land of 180,000 square km of unceded territory since time immemorial. We collectively hold title and governance regarding Secwepemcul’ecw and the collective consent of the Secwepemc is required for any access to our lands, waters and resources. We are committed to upholding our collective jurisdiction to look after the land, the language, and the culture of our people, as well as the safety and wellbeing of our women, two-spirits, and children.


We invite all women, children and two-spirit people to add your name to this Declaration.


Secwepemc Womens Warrior Society and Tiny House Warriors

Declared in Unceded, Unsurrendered Secwepemcul’ecw, Secwepemc Territory, November 2017

Supported by 3,358 Organizations & Individuals


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Audrey Huntley, No More Silence

Autumn Peltier, Water warrior, International Children’s Peace Prize Nominee

Bridget Tolley, co-founder Families of Sisters in Spirit

Christi Belcourt, Erin Konsmo and Isaac Murdoch, Onaman Collective

Clayton Thomas-Müller, member of Pukatawagan Cree Nation

Dawn Morrison, Secwepemc

Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Kainai First Nation and Sámi 

Erica Violet Lee, Nêhiyaw

Eriel Deranger, member of Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation

Eve Tuck, Unangax, Professor University of Toronto

Hayden King, Pottawatomi and Ojibwe, Beausoleil First Nation

Dr. Janice Billy, Secwepemc

Jeffrey McNeil-Seymour, MSW, Secwépemc/English ancestry and Two-Spirit Wild Salmon Warrior, Sessional Instructor at Thompson Rivers University, Seymour Family Representative for the Stk'emlups Traditional Family Governance Council, Board Member Sexual and Gender Support Association of Kamloops

Kandi Mossett, Mandan/Hidatsa/Arikara – North Dakota

Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, Ryerson University

Manuel family, Secwepemc

Melina Laboucan-Massimo, Lubicon Solar

Naomi Klein, Author of This Changes Everything

Natalie Clark, Secwepemc, Metis ancestry, Indigenous Girls Violence Counselor

Nicole Schabus

Dr. Pam Palmater, Mi’kmaw Nation, Chair in Indigenous Governance, Ryerson University

Sarah Hunt (Kwagiulth), Institute for Critical Indigenous Studies, UBC

Dr. Sarah Nickel (Tk'emlupsemc), University of Saskatchewan

Ska-Hiish Manuel, Secwepemc

Smogelgem, Head Chief of the Wet'suwet'en

Stephanie Peltier, Mother of Autumn Peltier, Water Ambassador from Wikwemikong Unceded Territory

Tantoo Cardinal, Cree/Métis, Member of the Order of Canada

Tasha Spillett, Nêhiyaw, University of Saskatchewan

Tracey Lindberg, Author, University of Ottawa

Dr. Zoe Todd, Métis, Carleton University

Yi Chien Ho, TSSU Solidarity Social Justice Committee

Peggy Luhrs, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

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Crystal S, Idle No More Toronto

Shawnee Love HHD, PhD; Shawnee, Quapaw, Ottawa, Sioux; Purple Hearts Missions Possible & Healthy Horizons; Native American Warriorz Task Force

Jeska Slater, Fisher River Cree Nation, Young Artist Warriors

Peggy Peterson, Idle No More

Uni, Camp Cloud

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Siku Allooloo, Inuit; Indigenous Climate Action

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Tina Setah, Tsiltqot'in, Sitax Native Arts and Craft

Matt Remle, Lakota, Mazaska Talks

Adam Rice, Radio Justice L.A.

Leslie Radford , L.A. Anti-Eviction Campaign

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Pat Darling 
Patricia Halleran     
Patricia Mcelwee     
Patricia Salinas    
Patricia Wolski    
Patti Archambault     
Paula Martin    
Paula Wyant    
Pauline Pisano    
Pearl Caulton    
Peg Benoit    
Peggy Merz    
Penny Goldsmith
Penny Cameron    
Penny Gleave    
Penny Joy    
Peter Kirketerp Mumgaard    
Philippa Curtin    
Psera Newman    
Quinn Saretsky     
Rachel Graham    
Rachel Iwaasa    
Rachel Lund    
Rachel Thevenard    
Rain Daniels    
Raini Humphreys    
Ranya Dube    
Raynbow Rotar    
Reana Deng    
Rebecca Menzies    
Regina Hoeck    
Renée Jackson-Harper    
Reyna Crow    
Rhiannon Berg-Cody    
Rhoda Mack    
Richard Flittie    
Richard Knopf    
Richard Roberts    
Rita Brundige    
River Glen    
Robin Cork    
Robin Gladstone    
Robin Hand    
Robin Parker    
Rochelle Rich-Culleton    
Rod Morley    
Roechel Brochu    
Ronnie Dean Harris    
Rosalyn Cherry    
Rose Grusing    
Rose Hamilton    
Rose Stiffarm    
Rosella Day    
Rubecca Attilon    
Ruby Attfield    
Ruhamah Love    
Ruth A Rosenblood    
Ruth Girard     
Ruth Midgley    
Ruth Walmsley    
Sabah Haque     
Sabina Becker    
Sadie Mcfarlane    
Samantha Hunt     
Samantha Lucas    
Samantha Osborne    
Samantha Stott    
Sandra Ang    
Sandra Bandura    
Sandra Campbell    
Sandra Currie    
Sandra Gall    
Sandra Küng    
Sandra Spicer     
Sandy Greenberg
Sara Cadeau     
Sara Doegah    
Sara Hayes    
Sara Wylie    
Sarah Booth    
Sarah Brock    
Sarah Johns, 
Sarah Mackenzie
Sarah Mcgoldrick     
Sarah St John    
Scott Maxwell    
Sebastian Carrera    
Sejal Narsey    
Shanna Larrison    
Shannon Mackay    
Shannon O'toole     
Shari Ralish     
Sharon Bear Robe    
Sharon Mugford    
Sharon Scott    
Sheila Riley     
Sheila Simpson    
Shelley Schlatmann    
Shellyse Szakacs    
Shenoah Howse    
Sheree Lamirand     
Sherry Gatewood     
Shiloh Paul    
Shiri Pasternak    
Shirley Aitken    
Sierra Anderson    
Sii-Am Hamilton
Simon Clowater    
Sky Yarbrough    
Skye Daniels    
Skylah Sheppard    
Sparrow Kemp     
Stacey Tennille Phillips    
Stef Gude    
Stephanie Dodaro     
Stephanie Fabrizi     
Steven Scott    
Stevie Arbor
Stina Hamlin    
Stina Hamlin    
Stina Hamlin    
Stuart Rogers    
Sue Eagle    
Sue Howard    
Sue Lynn    
Susan Bowen    
Susan Cadogan    
Susan Campbell    
Susan Gill, Ms.
Susan Lynx    
Susan Maitland    
Susan Mullan    
Susan Quipp    
Susan Wesley    
Suzanne Boylan    
Suzanne Smoke    
Sven Biggs
Syed Hussan    
Tabby Fudge    
Tahesha Knapp-Christensen
Tamara Arnwine    
Tammy Friesen    
Tanja Lehmann    
Tanya Henck    
Tanya Mcdonald    
Tanya Williams    
Tara Arthur    
Taressa Edge
Taylor Stokes    
Tennille Bear    
Terri Dawson    
Tessa Terbasket    
Tiffanie Hardbarger     
Tiffany Joseph
Tiffany Treece    
Tim Kennelly    
Tim Printy    
Tina Collins    
Tina Gonnermann    
Tina M Pearson    
Tn Thomas    
Tom Burke    
Tom Fuller    
Toni Courchene, Anishinaabe/ Ojibway 
Tori Cress
Tracey Gibbons    
Traci Jordan    
Tracy Merritt    
Tricia Ewanchuk    
Trisha Etringer     
Ulrike Funk-Gerstel    
Umma Amina    
Ursel Krzykowski        
Valerie Baker    
Valerie Lannon    
Valerie White
Vanessa Castle    
Vanessa Natachu    
Verdann Evans
Véro Martin    
Victoria L Mc Nerlin    
Victoria Mikolon    
Victoria Wright    
Virginia Wiles, Choctaw    
Walter Ruhlmann    
Weber Michael    
Wendy Benna    
Wendy Birkinshaw Malo    
Wendy Coates    
Wendy Hulko    
Wendy Schulz    
Wes Mcvey    
William Hinchcliff    
Winyan Luta    
Yan Say    
Yvonne Scott    
Yvonne Villeneuve     
Zoe Dimopoulou    
Anne Kelly
Gillian Jerome
Kathryn Oneita
Isabelle L'Héritier
Amber Velasco
Bonnie Klohn
Connie Ho
Laurel L. Russwurm
Marc Nareau
Cynthia Nomanee
Sherry Joel
Corey Holly
Judy Davidson
Jenn Lukesh
A Goldhammer
Jan Schmidt
Gene McGuckin
Dan hum
Wendy Reed
Aurora Hernandez
Rosalind Rundle 
Daphne Jeyapal
Kristen whipple
Jean hamilton 
Jenna Tomlinson- Cooper
Wahleah Johns 
Shannon Balla
Candace Anderson
Melissa Thornton
Jacqueline  Fisher 
Renee Nelson 
Allison Armstrong
David Garner
Maja Louise Grip
Laura van de Water
Lynn McGlocklin
Aafje rietveld
Christine Frank
Denise Olson
Ron Payette
JoAnne Carlson
Sally Cozens
Katie Barrett
Sydney McClelland
Stephanie Big Crow
Guillaume Durin
Shania West
Tamara Randall

Stephanie Nygren

Navjot Kaur

Carrie Chesnik

Kiera Porisky

Denny Glidewell 

Rachael Thorlakson

Patrick Speissegger

Janice MacMillan

Paulina Selles

Kathy Pitzer

Katharina Boerlin

Stephanie Poole

Clay Loizou

Kelli Mlckovsky

Lori Waters

Tina Baldomaro, Hunkpapa

Alison Houweling

Chanla Xayachack

Michael-Brian Turner

Johanna Ruth

Wendy Leigh-Bell

Ani Aloian

Jon Comstock

Caitlin Dick, Mètis

Manuel May Castillo, Mayan
BJ McManama - Seneca
Jessica Travis, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
Pat Jeffries
Stephen Osborne
Robert Shirley
Donna Halliday      
Charlotte Nolin, Nipiwew Sokapiskow Kihew Iskwe
Ellen Barfield
Aurora Garcia
Wendy McNiven
Angela Mcdougall
Dr. Christina Roberts (A'aninin and Nakoda)
Martin Girard
Liz Bernstein
Sharon McCullough
Liz Bernstein
Shaun Rose
Annie Bhuiyan 
Vanessa Velasquez
Wendy Rios
Aiden Sisler
Victor Krohn
Kathryn Mandell
Jaclyn Praskavich
Wendy H
Pascal van Leeuwen
Julia Cotnoir 
Karine Ng
Sandra Harris
Tiobe Barron
Lynn Carroll
Maria Sommers
Brie Charette
Lisa George
Jonah Gindin 
Roz Isaac 
Mary Morris, Delaware Nation
Nichole Hart
Ashley Guzman
Bryce Flores 
James Broehl 
Veronika Diszhazy 
Jayne Chan
Elroy Harry, Dog Creek
Anissa Manuel, Secwepemcúlecw
Maureen Roche
Megan Sloboshan
Sierra Hansen
Saprina Griffin
Hilda Fernandez
Kyle, Merryman
Sheila Unvala
Carol Foort
Ursula Lobacz
Colleen Antoine
TJ Tupechka
Joslyn Jamieson, Kanyen'kehá:ka
Jaida Grey Eagle, Oglala Lakota 
Laura Cleveland
Usman Majeed
Erin Bannon 

Chris Joy
Sarah Henderson Redden
Dan McKenzie
Joan Bolluyt
Kakahuna Okaaina
Elauna Boutwell
Steph Kirby
Adrienne Lusk
Sarah Cooke
Krista Lee Jorgensen
April Davies
Charlotte Sam
Paula Denissen
Starr, Lenora St’át’imc
Odessa Shuquaya, Kluane First Nation
Julie Voynovich 
Owen Perry
Katie Earle
Kleomichele Leeds
Lurene Bates
Michael wauschek 
Ellen Kissman

Marie-Claude Charland, métisse of Mohawk and Ojibwe descent
Anne Risum
Bill Kitchen
Lindy Miller
Victoria Rozon
Singer Leslee
Sharon B urns
Andrew LaFrance
Carlo Voli
Barbara Biedrzycki
Duran, Christopher 
Sarah Orlowski
Kahu Tumeke 
Billie McFadden
Marianne Wu
R. A. Dial
JJ Malcolm
Dale Robertson 
Manuela Hanna
June Secrist
Pat Tondevold
Oosha Ramsoondar
Fiona Smith
Mona Cedillo
Leona Brown, Gitxsan
Maggie Wright, Gitxsan
Jessica Man Chief- Brown, Blackfoot
Jackson Georgeson-Wright, Holmoco & Gitxsan
Alicia Kroemer
Alison Ayers
Amy Dwyer
Angela Anderson
Carol Lynne D'Arcangelis
Phyllis Carr
Jacob Boutwell
Carolyn Harding
Cindy Paul, Metis
Bonnie Price
Madison Cook 
Rebecca Anweiler
Lindsay Shearer
Christina Cherry
Deborah Leamon
Ann M Doyle
Alcina Horstman 
Toni Ann Mills
Karyn Graham
Vonia Johnson
Vanessa Lee
Donnafaye Milton
Alexandra Barberena
Tatiana Wolford
Edward Sheehan
Iris Rodriguez, Xicana
Molly Rooke
Rose Narcisse Xaxli'p
Barbara Heaton Kirsch
Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory
Benerice Fortier, Métis
Robyn Lawson
Trish Haugen Blackfeet/Seneca 
Nanook Gordon 
Katya Nikitenko
Heath Purdy 
Lisa Sterritt
Doreen Manuel Secwepemc 
Sheila Ford, Cherokee Nation
Rebecca L Burnell
Patricia Brusch
Christian Big Eagle
Bridget Tolley
Stacy Huff 
Damen Bell
Morgan Michel
Damen Bell
Michele Malick-Wasco, Modoc, Shasta(upper Klamath) and Pitt River
Nicole Rojas
Catherine Jameson Syilx/Secwepemc
Viivi Honkanen
Susan Harmon
Nitanis desjarlais
Sharon Bear Robe
Sherry Pictou, Mi'kmaq (L'sitkuk)
Catherine Wallace
Madeleine Aasivak
Isabelle L'Héritier
Leba London
Linda Roy 
Meghan Fulton
Priscila Mendoza 
Michael Pyette Metis
Josey Tenorio Peyestewa Hopi
Geneva Rojas 
Elvia Jimenez Kickapoo Tribe of Texas
Nathan Moss
Radley, Davis, Illmawi - Iss Ahwi
Verna Conway
Jen Gobby
Melissa Endean
Beatrice Hunter Nunatsiaviumut 
Laura Hernandez, Yoeme/Yaqui/Pur’epecha
Santos Alvarez
Leigh Eldridge 
Michelle Reid, Wampanoag/Mikmaq
Cheryl Goodman, Navajo
Karonhiarokwas Roxann Whitebean 
Dian Simons
Constance Martinez Lakota/Oglala/Nakoda
Cheryl Goodman - Navajo
Allison Renville: Hunkpapa Lakota, Sissetowan Dakota 
Joanne Motta
Jennifer Lee
Annalise Velazquez
Shaylee, Foord
Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie Sagkeeng Anishinaabe Nation
Alyosha Goldstein
Deborah Cohen
Zintkala Mahpiya Win
Rebecca Many Grey Horses  Kainai Nation
Hannah Weinstein
Jak Mac
Stephanie Fung
June McCue Ned'u'ten
Gloria Benoit
Eden Robinson, Haisla and Heiltsuk
Jennifer Head
Stephanie Cassidy, Oglala Lakota Nation
Kathleen Smith Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe
D'Ana Valenzuela (Xicana/Chihenneh)
Shelby Wilson
Jessica Peart
Katelyn Osmond, Qualipu First Nation
Pennie Opal Plant 
Mariel Belanger - Syilx
Joanne Hammond
Caitlin Anderson
Teresa Dzieglewicz
Muriel Young Bear
Keirin Curle 
Setareh Mohammadi 
Katharine Montagu
María Dorsey
Geneva Gill 
Devin WhiteBull StandingRock Sioux Tribe
Kristen Upham Blackfeet
Emily Guerrero 
Pennie Opal Plant, Yaqui/Undocumented Choctaw & Cherokee
Gena Briggs
Natasha Webb,  
grehana ortiz
Andulia S. WhiteElk
Maura Roberts
Ashley Powell
Gismondi, Chris (white qallunaaq Settler, Scotish and Italian)
Jennifer Jewett, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe 
Carleen Kyle
Pamela Chekelelee 
Bonnie Tollin
Julia Budd
Samira Brotherson
Kathryn Ely
Ilario, Daniel
Pua Case, Kanaka Maoli, Native Hawaiian
April Williams 
Eva Bhagwandin 
Wyanne Sandler
Melissa Leal, Esselen Nation
Leora Rosner
China Brotherson
Joanna Berger
Nichole Richardson 
Miranda Meyer - Gaa-Waabaabiganikaag, Mississippi dodem 
Tahesha Knapp-Christensen
Amanda, Rekunyk
Rachel hill
Wendy Meguinis Tsuut’ina First Nation
Lisa Palacios
Karonhiarokwas Roxann Whitebean,  Mohawk Nation
Tricia W Lakota Sioux 
Roberta Tekala
Rachel McKerracher
Laura Potter
Ian Kuali’i Kingdom of Hawai’i 
Ericka Zamora, Yaqui
Corene Chesney
Mandy Valencia - Comanche, Cherokee & Tarahumara
Bea Downing 
Ciara Riordan
Imani Fulani Taino Creek
Floridenas charley
Sharon gladstone, tsimshian 
Susan Mitnik
Salina Manson
Chai Merrell 
Jessica Espinoza Morongo, California 
Jenn Bearcat. shoshone-paiute.
Holly Lynn Claude 
Ana Simeon
Deanna Ogle
Danica Brown, Choctaw
Rheanna Fine
Nikisha Khare
Gordon Flett
Richard Coe
Tamara Herman 
Elysia Hassebroek 
Patricia Weber
Xochitl Nahuatl
carlee smith
sharon lawrence
Samantha Lajoie
Star Pai,  Hawai'i
Delphina Thomas, Navajo
Summer Swan
Bela Kapelka 
Toni Lavallie
Lorna FRANCIS Mohawk Nation Akwesasne 
chas jewett Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe
Kitty Heite
Leslie Scales
Nicolette Swan
Freda Yerbich
Kaleb Morrison 
Namgyal Tsepak (Tibet)
Holly Lynn Claude 
Shemama Brll-irving
Holly Lynn Claude 
Molly Hammond
Sharon willeford.   Hawaii
Gail gordon
Lilith Rockett
Sabrina Guimont
Vikki Peters
Allisha LaBarge MHA Nation
Kaiulani Mahuka
Fleetwood Mozee 
Sage, Staggs
Waasekom Saugeen First Nation
Holly Lynn Claude 
Holly Lynn Claude 
Rachel Black Elk
Holly Lynn Claude 
Holly Lynn Claude 
Yolanda Ponce
Tuula sharma vassvik
Lisa Marie Gwaltney
Holly Lynn Claude 
Madeline Terbasket
Kelcie, Hudson
Misa Joo  (tribal member of the Winnemem Wintu
Christina Gomez, Quechan/Rio Yaqui
Janette Crume-Centeno, Klamath-Modoc
Shannon Tinsley
Celeste Marchand 
Donal Thoms-Cappello
Helen Knott 
Jessica Wilson
Kelsey Lowery
Stephanie Thompson 
Rachel Marco-Havens
ron wilton
Joelle Thurston
Juniper Quin
Lexi van Dyck
Angelica Lambert
Kyla, Cahoose Ulkatcho Indian Band 
mélissa wastasecoot, peguis
Caitlyn Huss
Amanda Gomez
Anna Suomenrinne-Nordvik, Sápmi
Charlene Jones
Stacey Fayant, Peepeekisis First Nation
Susan Fairweather
Mara Spitzer
Isabelle Cottin
Ingrid Waldron
Sarah Martz
Lauren Sortome 
Corrie Neyrinck
Shayla Snowshoe - Tetlie Gwich’in
Kristie McCracken
Max Fassnacht
JOanna Gladue from Duncan's First Nation Alberta, Canada 
Adrienne Cabouet
Erin Ruby
Clara von Dohlen 
Laurie Lazore
Michael Loon (muskegowuk)
Alan Woo
Catherine Bellamy
Chynna Eakin
Diane King 
Erin Heineman
Lydia Ponce, Mayo & Quechua
Yvonne Gilpin
Ashling, Amato
Andrea Ray
enough distruction 
cathy wilander
Walish Chartraw
Shahira Sakiyama
Hilary Somerville
Sherrie Dennis
Audrey Fox 
Nikki DePriest 
Mandalyn Unger
Tammra Broughton
Sandra Seekins
Genevieve Melanson
Ilario, Daniel
Angela Osborne
Claire Urbanski
Amy Commanda Nipissing First Nation
Kelly Nadler
Asa Wright.  Klamath Tribal member
Teena Akoto
John Kraai
Kathryn Silvertooth
Reina Tarango 
Karla Dombroski 
Larisa Sanders
Liana peequaquat
Maryam Rezaei
Willow Giesinger 
Suzanne Barton
Alison Ehara-Brown (Mohawk)
Karen Sullivan
Lisa Ganser
Dara Dickinson  Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde oregon
Sicangu Lakota Oyate
Jane Buckshon
Elizabeth Bretko
Holly Calica
Elizabeth Rogers
Sybil Mecas, Waywayseecappo 
Kimberly Cabanas
Eve Irvine
Natasha Laurence
Irene Winter, Ngapuhi Nui Tonu
Tamara Kase
Laura Beaudoin
Mary Ann  McDonald
Kate Wattie
Laura Beaudoin
Sherynn, Chrysler, Akwesasne 
Liam Cabanas
Trycia Bazinet
Jacqueline Williams
Ann Jo Foo
Melissa Strobel
Tiffany Wallace 
Leona Peterson
Sue Luzia
Terressa jamerson
Justine Starke
Crystal Starr (Kitasoo First Nation)
Bernice Kamano,  Kwakwakwa Nation 
Letty Martinez 
Esther White
Maria Jim
Tara Whitsitt
Amy De'Ath
Autumn Windego,  Seine River First Nation 
Anne L. Grove
Emilee Gilpin
Craig Smith
Deniz Baker
Esther White
Judy Meyer
Emily Johnson
Susan Powell
Virginia Watanabe
Vicky Catchpole
Melonie Rollin
Jodi Kansagor
Candace Charlie, Cowichan Tribes
amber shaw
Trinna Walsh 
Gabrielle Bobinsky
Christine Blubaugh
Cheyenne Bobbish from Chisasibi First Nation
Marian Spotswood
Michaele Scott
Dan Hong
Linda Fontaine
Claudia medina 
Thohahente Kanien'kéha:ka
Rogers, Sue, Cowlitz
Carine Tanagila
Kurtis Tilley, Mvskoke
Diana maybee. Seneca 
Leila Wright
Lou DeJesus
Jen Roy
Yvonne Blomer
Chris Perks
Rebecca Garrett
Emma O'Steen
Azazel Newcom
Rahenton - Bear Clan - Mohawk
Danielle McRobbie
Chau Ngo
Rosemary MacAdam
Jennifer Diabo. Kahnawake Mohawk
Laura Cox
Christine Elkiott
Andy McLeod
Rachel Heaton
Natasha Stevens, Gitxsan 
Naomi Horwood, Tsawout First Nation
Jessie Riddle. Pit River Nation, Apache.
Shanthi Gordin, Yaqui
Andrea Lofquist
heather white
Mel Ciaravino
Ron Tremblay
Anna Aude Caouette
melanie lefebvre
Donna Tadeyeske turtle mountain Chippewa 
L. Todd (Cree/Metis)
Mari Posa Mohawk
Megan Lamson Leatherman
Ellena Neel - Ahousaht
Nathanel Lowe
Zoe Oppenheim
Russ Letica Wolastoqiyik Nation @ Madawaska
Dominik e Cyr Crow and Algonquin 
Tyler Rizzo
Gabby Davis 
Gabi de León
Briar Winters
Adrienne Scabby Dine Nation
Donna Oleksiuk
Georgee Sandford 
Catherine JC  
Deborah Bledsoe
Russ Letica Wolastoqiyik Nation @ Madawaska
Navjot Jassar
Kit Mason
Cueyolaux Cataldo Okanagan First Nations 
Dee Mock
Zoë Penner
Jonnie Katherine, Talbert Sharp
Kimberly Walker 
Ryan Riley
Miranda Holliday
Mary Benrud-Gachie
Gloria Pavez-Diaz, Quechuas, Aymaras and Mapuche from Patagonia 
Heather Hull    Cree/Metis 
Kelsey, Goldman
Maggie Blue O'Hara
Summer Bryan CTUIR
Dania colegrove.  Hoopa 
Adrian Louie 
Sarah Rose 
Christy Bieber (Anishinaabe, Baawating minwaa Genaabajing, Serpent River First Nation) 
Carolee Colter
Bex Winnick 
Jellie schippers
Wai'ala Ahn, Sovereign Native Hawaiian
Gloria L. 
Chris Carlson
Adrianna Sowards
Victoria Inglis / Dene, Cree
madeleine wegener
Chelsey Bouchard, Kanyenkehaka
Tara Sacerdote (Prarie Band Potawatomi and Choctaw)
Karrie Thornitt
Rev. Caitlin Mercer
Brenda K. Smith, granny midwife
Vera Leone
Carrie Zoll
Cedar Woman
Patricia Furgason káyә stəbtábul’ "Grandmother Grizzly"- Duwamish
Nancy Ryder
Abby Laden
Céline Sahulka 
Michael Abram, Mi'kmaq-Nez Perce-Cree-Okanagan
Roslyn Kocot 
Brian Stuart Madawaska Maliseet 1st Nation
Tzeporah Berman
Breandan little raven scott-arbuckle, choctaw and ojibwe nations
Samita Manhas
brenda norfolk
Greg Anderson Metis
Benjamin Wood
Dana Kagis
Tessa biehl
rita connolly
Munywoki, Theresia
Donna Morton
myna lee johnstone
Michelle Wirgau, Isleta Pueblo 
Beth Abernathy
Liza Zawadzka
Aster Wolfe
Maggie, Kohanek, Woman
Laura Saylor
Clara George
Linda Rume
Nan Cota
Judy Rebick
Jessica Santiago
Bambrick, Cathleen
coady stevens unamaki, mikmaki
Susan Wallace
Abeer Majeed
Rebecca Elowen
Kiera Forrest
Kelli Mattingly
Dejesus, Kelly
Carol Plain
Carolyn Sitko
Melissa Campbell
Ashlyn Ruga
Patricia MacDonald, Metis
Graciela Figueroa
Robin Metzger
Alexandra Strigen
Kym A. Hines 
Elisa Leflore 
Nicole, Thomas
Naomi Knori
Molly Jane 
Lesley Wood
Lorelei Williams, Skatin Nations
Shirley Samples, Cooks Ferry
Kate Groves
Susy J. Alvarez Pocasangre
Kyle Cadotte
Sandra Myers
Maria Wong
Vera, Oriava
Alexandra Hepburn
Lisa Racicot
Patricia J Hilderbrand Oglala Sioux
Patricia J Hilderbrand olgala sioux
Diane Hasz
Teika Newton
Teika Newton
Rod Bless. Carrier  nation
Grady McCormack
Emily Antflick
Marlene Colombe
Lisa Marie David, Splatsin 
Carol Rothman
Laurel Kimbley-Stone 
Rebecca Zavala, Arawak/Taíno & Nimiípuú
Janice Gloe
Joanna WIlkinson
Imani White
Miller, Amy
Lisa, Small
Peggy Lambert, settler, living on Treaty 6 land
Mariko Ihara
Jaime Kirschner
Hlamomsim Anon, Gitxsan Nation 
Maia Caron Metis Nation of Ontario
Tia Hazelton 
Christine Macpherson 
Linda RussoBrown 
Kerria Gray 
Carrie Copsin
Shawna Cook Cree
Sulakshana, Elana
Lia Walsh
Shelley Taylor
Brandon Hill
Weshoyot Alvitre
Fai Hassan
Aurora Hall
Scott Lamson
Filomena Tuivanualevu
Diana Negrín
Champagne Aishihik
Marie Kiene 
Patsy Kumar
Leila Haile
Kristie Elgersma
Ruth Tindall 
Gloria Justen
Riley G-H
Kevin Tafts
Faith Kremler
Donna fischer
Brown, Vina and Heiltsuk Nation
McClovia Turtle Cheyenne
Andrea Sattler
Sunera Thobani
David Daines
Jodi Mann
Lucy El-Sherif
Amanda Milroy
Melanie MacKarney
Joan M. Janzen
Emily Dineen
Logendra Naidoo
Patricia Hamilton 
Nachiko Yokota
Nani Pacal
Amy McKee
Shawn Fleek, Northern Arapaho
Gabriel Black Elk Lakota
Rosetta Star Buan of southern Appalachian hippy family 
Cassandra Connor 
Amanda Woods
Sussan Yanez, Mapuche
Darian Cargin
Aurora Bravo, Mapuche
Stasha Huntingford
Pamela Yates
JoAnn Steinberg 
Noelle McGivern
Kathryn Janette Hagen
Laurel Kimbley-Stone
Caitlin Sargent
Nancy Corcoran
LindaSue Hope 
Yvonne Dixon, Nlakapamux Nation
Korina Barry, Leech Lake Ojibwe 
Adrian Chavez
Annica McGuirk
Ros Paul
Mariwan Jaaf
Rebecca Pederson Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska
Patricia Sinclair
Andrea Donnelly 
Victoria Cooke
Gail Webb
Suzanne Stephenson
Stephanie, Lackey 
Peggy holappa little traverse bay band of odawa indians
ShannaWhitesidesSnarr apache
Dawn McBee
Samantha Gambling
Angela Thornton 
Laura Albert
Sarah Millhoff
Liberty Weaver
Angelina Ieraci
Eden Solomon
Edith Didzena
Ameriai Kiriwera 
Cheryl Rivera
Jana Angulalik, Inuit
Karina Quesada
Annabel LaBrecque
Quill Christie-Peters, Anishinaabe 

Charlotte Hughes
Ruchi Stair
Lacey Brua
Joanne Kewageshig
Treena Fleming
Karry Kelley
Sharon Raeburn
Charlene Simon
Violet Palakiko 
Darcie Sterling 
Rev. Rebecca Booher
Ashley Amigon
Paula Shebala - Blackfeet 
Chanelle Gagné
Cree Gordon
Shelby Lafrinere
Susan Anglada
Andra Daunhauer

Buck Romero, Cherokee
Art Bouman
Kim Redlin
Jess Housty, Heiltsuk Nation
Sara Schoorl
allison lagace treaty 8
Shawn Fleek, Northern Arapaho
Carol Ramage
Shawn Fleek, Northern Arapaho
Maia Bonli 
Ann Hazlett 
Blanca Schoorl
Patricia Hyde
Susan Sherry
Aaron Mandell
Heather Lalonde
Andrea Godding
Kate Rabinowicz

Andrea Godding
Angela Kozminuk
Linda Knapp
JoAnn Ransberry
Dianne Varga
Andrea, Godding
Sherry Sarkkinen
Carla SF
Emaline Kelley Ojibwa
Nnamdi Kassel
Tia Oros Peters, Shiwi
Cheryl Rivera (Sami)
Tia Oros Peters, Shiwi

Jennifer DePoe
Simone Lemieux
Kjersa Anderson
Alexandra Valahu 
karen clark
Nancy Henderson
sha davies FN 
Shelly johnson
Lisa Bourque Bearskin 
Lisa, shellito
Wendy Uriostegui Bowles 
Renee Dunn
Meagan Markowitz
Angelica Lambert
Kyal Middletent Lakota
Robyn Lawson,  Neyihaw & Metis
Bloom Post
Karen Nimegeers
Ashton Wright
Sara Rans
Kali Jean - Onondaga Nation
Gabrielle Gelderman
Shawn Fleek, Northern Arapaho
Martin Golder
Roxanne Charles 
Lisa Sterritt
Ilario, Daniel
Bobbi Zahra
Kaila Sinclair
Florence Dacey
Helga Mankovitz
Laurie Watt
bradley pregent
Margo polley
D. Rossi
Helene Sisk, Winnemem Wintu from N CA
Sarah Quirino 
Cecilia Gomez
Mary Adkins
Donna Hernandez, Kewa Pueblo
Marie Bouman    Coos  (CTCLUS)
Jennifer Autry
Sara Bingham
Bristy hiller
Ilario, Daniel

Matt Remle Lakota
Kameo seaguss isquao
Karla Kemp 
Sarah Monks
Heidi Rain 
Sherrie Andre
Dori Robinson
Alisa Bishop 
Ilario, Daniel
Emma Jackson
Beatriz Paez P'urhépecha 
carol jerde
Helisha Martin lac courts oreilles
Jane Rittenhouse
MIchael Suter
Torrance Coste
Dazzia Szczepaniak
Jessica Lawrence
Chanel Ledford
Jay Jitchaku
mitch Touchie, Nuučaan̓uɫ
Paula Campbell-Ressler
Crystal Hayling
Clorine Driver, 3 Affiliated Tribes
Virginia Morris
Willms, Molly
Meg Bradshaw
Michele Ray
Lynn Hailey
Amy Tahbonemah,  Kiowa/Caddo/Eastern Band Cherokee
Maureen bowen (Izel)
Jyesha Wren Serbin
Guzman, Armando
Renae Barton
Shawn Fleek, Northern Arapaho
Renee Titterton
Rebecca McCrary
Tara Scurr
Amber Benavente-Sanchez
Tim Hardin

Luhui Whitebear, Coastal Band Chumash
Mary Taylor Valand
Holly Kvalheim
Jolene Desson
Metta Weaver
Erika Silver 
Cheyenne maya - gitxsan nation
Felix Valenzuela
LeeAnne Gfroerer 
Robin Wright 
Joan Lichterman
Monica Isaac-Garcia, Ft. McDowell Yavapai Nation
Mahalia Baturin,  Mi’kmaw First Nation
Karen Schneider 
Andrea Poile
Tina Valentine
Kathy Marchal
Pamela Dueweke
Lois Larose 
Erika Mosqueda
Moles, Pennie
Maria Scharin 
Nancy Beckwith Onondaga
Shannon Doyle
Elinor bazar 
Cristin Miller
Elizabeth Gray 
Deanna Kaiswatum, Piapot First Nation #75
Thomas Childs
Martine Auvergnat 
Amberlee Boulton

Lindsay Jones
Johanna Clark
Faith Roseberry
Rachel M. Abgrall
Stephanie Artuso 
Sally Purdy
sandi auger bigstone cree nation
Nancy Davey
Winnifred Kuitenbrouwer
Renee Rathke
Dyane Brown
Mary E. Loesch
Nicholas Murphy
Stacy Friedman
Stacy, Oaks
Shannon Rodengen 
Mesha camp
Paula Martin 
Sharon Priest-Nagata
Natasha Lyndon
Chere Harbrudge
Billy Wilson,Hunkpapa Da-Lakota
Eleanor Friedenberg
Aleta mason 
Marcy Rodriguez
Gord, Singbeil
Lia Dugal 
Kerry Cubas
Deanna Ogle
Janis Martinez
Wendy Ashmun
Sydney Hermant
Louise Pedersen
Jennifer Hughes
Kendra Partida 
Claire Sauvé

Nicole Da Costa 
Aarti Handoo, India
Meenakshi Mannoe
Emily Chiller
Katherine Russell 
Brenda Quinn
Nuss, Laurien
Tory Moeckel
Susan Gaustad
Ray, Lisa
Joeri Verbiest the Netherlands

Kaetlon tayler metis
Leilani Sabzalian, Alutiiq 
Jrnnifer robin russell
Merryn Ross
kevin, allen
Taurmini Fentress
Katlyn macmillan
Cease Wyss/ Skwxwu7mesh Uxumixw 
Athena Landy
Lissa Coleman
Ziven, Szymanski
Tamara Brewster 
dominique heffley
Seema Sked
Debora Malyss 
Laurie Parkinson
Edith Patrouilleau
Judy Blaisdell
Meghan Schaad
Kahi Harawira of the Wakaminenga (NZ)
Ruth Naito 
Heather Heininge Iroquois 
Bonnie González 
tracey tully
Pamela Widmer
Marcelle Crago
Rachel Wiegers
Karilyn Haozous (Navajo-Taos Pueblo)
Allen Fisher
Nicole Valandra
Michael Donovan
Heidi Olson
Kate St-Aubin
Sara Ciantar
Cheryl Morgan Gitxsan
Michelle McAlpin
Julia Soare
Monica Larsen 
Barbara Legault
Tara OGrady Ireland
Jodi Mercier
Yerushalayim Kaplan.
Rachele Ariel Dawn
henri delion
Jeananne Robertson
Konwatarani, Akwesasnoron
rosemari roast
Shawna Brockway
Jodi Mercier
Brenda Schapoks
Jodi Mercier
Syl Lindowitz 
Nicole stefina 
Karen Mobilia
Coleman, Mary Ann
Tighearnan Lee
Shehnaz Motani
Leslie Paynter
Jai Andeg, Anishinaabe
Annette Nedilenka 
Bo Kofod  (Denmark)
Marc Forte
Regina Windham
Deanna Lynn Erickson
Brandy Blaylock, Blackfoot
Toma Deavers
Christina Courtright
Sitara, Thobani
Marisa Lerner
Paddie Cowburn
Jamie zarn
Melody Peters
dana drew
Dr. Littlebrave Beaston, Tsimshean, Makah, Greek
Julie Wilgus
Julie Elizabeth Johnson
Aase Webb
Carmen Mahadew
Jessica Nicholls 
Sharyn Diaz
Denise Desso
Anne Las 
Hans Leo
Audra Simpson, Mohawk
Laura Kooji
Mary Russo
Jessica Martin Haudenosaunee 
Chantell paauwe
Pam Allard
Madelaine Murphy Splatsin 
Susan Elliott
Pamela Reano
Tara Brooks St. Mary's First Nstion
Janet Klarer
Anna Gordon-Norby
Stephanie Shelburne
Sarah Stansill
Elizabeth Gilson
Camille Renarhd
Julie Morcate
sue goldstein
Parker, Joe
Zenaida Gabriel Be’ne Xhron
Camille McCoy
Karla Strand
Kaitlin Lindsay Johnston 
Lisa Rooney
Janice Wojtowicz
Rebecca Peterson-Perry
Amber Burroughs
Smith, Jennifer
Lynn Mc Clintick
Heidi Rain
Lindsay Pyykonen
Laura, white
Norah McMurtry , settler
Elizabeth deVries
Karen Nimegeers
Natalie M
Cynde Allen
Penelope Bridge
Karla, Tait  Wit'suwit'en
Terri Fletcher Missanabie Cree 1st Nation
Jennifer Dickey
Marlena, Bullee Bigstone Cree Nation 
Leslie Glass
Hollie Kulago, Diné
Aviana Donahue, Cherokee Nation
Amanda kristalovich
Cecelia LaPointe, Ojibway/Métis - Keweenaw Bay Indian Community
Ellen Weininger 
Linda Woolley
alexia olson
Monique Verdin
Jasmine Doherty
Julia Fleur McMillan
Lynne Myers 
Terry Strother
Nina Berglund - Northern Cheyenne
Mary Chan fong 
Rose Whipple, Santee Dakota, Ho-Chunk
Stephanie Goedecke
Rob Williamson
Jessica Baker
Kai Sanburn
Sarah Howard
Bev Cliffird
Anna Wiig
Miranda Jones
Margot Zell
Colleen Manson
Cara Cadre
Kathie Early
Ana Albright 
Jenna Grey Eagle - Oglala Lakota 
Maree Lien
joanne fanucchi
Sterling Holmes
Frances Jones
Lisa Kercher
Sophie Harrison
Shannon Hope
Jennifer Page
Casey Finne
Olga Osbornec
Montgomery Palmantier Tsilhqot’in /Secwepemc)
M Seller (Aleut)
Sheelah McLean
emil eidt
Nina Stickan
Clay Graves
Sheila Ryan
Waabindaan-Debawewin LaPointe, Ardoch Algonquin First Nation
Nii Jits K am Ha an
Lauren Sargent
Nsthalie Lopez
Wendy Sharpe
Sally Smith
Innogen wood
Karina Zeidler
Amanda Fayant Cree/Métis
Terri Lloyd
Bridget Guiza
Jennifer Thomas
Patricia Thompson
Julia Gusso
laura P
Heidi Affi 
Sher Truitt
Amy Marshall
Lisa Kelly
Mariam Durrani
Victoria Gunn
Jennifer McRae
Lynda Baker Lakota 
Cynthia Holland
Lou McKenzie
Sonja Ennis  Haudenosaunee,  Mohawk
maxine lewis
Alisa Daniels
diane felton
Elizabeth Sprankle
Cathy Handy
Hanna Munneke
Fawn Mason, Anishinaabe from Red Lake, mn 
Jenny Feuer
Patricia Heaton RN
Sarah Caplan
judith dumitru
Tasha Banate
Pam Sporny
Elizabeth singh
Elizabeth singh 
Alex Andora
Diane Piedmont
Rebekah Heinrichs
michelle pierce
Kelsey Merritt
Antoinette Lane
Monique Wilson Michel Band (Cree & Iroquois)
Rebecca Moslo
Regena Zabotel
michelle stanley,
Ashley Lane
Dr. Kalamaoka'aina Niheu, Kanaka Maoli, Ka Pae Aina o Hawaii
Carlotta Whitecrane Southern Cheyenne
Elise Kimball
Melody Henricks
Katherine Geiger 
Elise Fee
HolyElk Lafferty, Lakota 
Travis Rave
Mark Darling
Barbara Hendricks and 
Trisha Sweet
Susan Bloggs
Rosemary Rifino Lenape 
M. Healani, Sonoda-Pale
Sarah Johnson
Pi’ikea Keawekane-Stafford - Kanaka Maoli 
Baerta Graff 
Elizabeth Grant 
justine lilley
KelShannon ivanochko 
Lydia Cox
Teressa McMillan
Hannah Ramsden
Malia McWilson Seneca Nation 
Jennifer Hoard
Victoria Redstarr of the Nez Perce Joseph Band WA state
Alexa Bernard
Lisa Gregory
Helgaleena Healingline
Katya Whiterabbit
Kell Gerlings
Erica Thomas
Jeff Brazda
Marcia Lee
Stacy Bannerman 
Bobbie Shewmaker
Kristen Hutchinson
Susan McGuinness
Ellinor Sabel
Kari Woo
Judi Armbruster, Karuk
Julia Landry, Pikwakanagan First Nation
Eileen Wilson Melting pot of Turtle Island America
Mal Senta
Katie Bottomley
Bette Pierman
Colleen Tryon
Carla Hilario
Mesha camp
Parker Sterling 
Alexa Mardon 
Michelle Root
Ka'ila Farrell-Smith (Klamath-Modoc)
Johnnie Jae, Otoe-Missouria/Choctaw
Mariah Denman
Jen Preston
Dorothea Schneiter
Parehuia Walker
Jacqueline St.Pierre Metis of Detroit
Jodi Marie Davis
Dennis, James
Marlene Kelly
Junga Subedar
Alison Acker
Elizabeth Wright
Star Lema 
Rebecca Pillon
Tanya Anchors
Jannika. Nyberg
Susan Jones
Laulani Teale, Hawai'i
Emily Arasim
sofree roots,  Polish
Jes Oliver Creitz
Emily Stoll
Shari Olander
Anne Richardson
Jacob M. Perez
Nicola Samad
Jamie Noriega
Tina McKim
Jamie Noriega
Alinka Porebska
Kathleen Ray
Natalie Perrault
Maggie Henry
Margaret Henry
Tantoo Cardinal, Metis
Maura St Martin Cowlitz/Yakama
Leanna Boyer
Stephanie Jonsson
Robert Lazore Mohawk nation 
Cynthia Jones
Maureen Trotter
Sarah Lyon
Nuria Varela
Roslyn Kocot 
Maureen Simpson
Mary Atkins
Margaret Jean Maennling
Kai Thomson, Cherokee
Susan Rimkus
Keith Morton
Lena McFarlane
Portia Youngman
Rani Keohane Chiracahua Apache
Rani Keohane Chiracahua Apache
Aleah Fontaine, Sagkeeng
Wendy D
Che Sehyun
Janet Keohane
doug blackley -- Canada.
Candace Jack , Okanagan 
Debra Topping 
Miranda Leibel
naomi king
Janie Blakeley
Tina Overgaard
Michael Sarabia
Jessica Thistlegrove
Susie Mizelle
Jeanine 9 Otters Thomson
Jackie Nixon, Cowessess First Nation
Evelyn Hunter
Bethamy Blackhawk- Ho-Chunk Nation
Emily Wernet
Gretchen Baneyx
vicki pauze
Gloria (Gogi) Lobato  Shoshone
terra albee
Cinthia Skura
Billie Jean Gabriel
Brian D Phillips 
Tara US
Liisa Wale
Alison Kinross
Rev. Andrew Bear
Raysh Weiss
Analee García 
Analee García 
Natalie Davis
Carli Head
Lisa Orton Secwepemc Nation
Patricia White, Sami
Angela Glanzmann
(Sophia, Wright) Pokanoket
Jessica Rodrick 
Bui Anh
Fiona Doyle-Hunt
Dolores Mora
Fiona Doyle-Hunt
Bev Bassett
Dolores Mora
Jeanne Bates Tennant 
Evalena Jay’  Anishinaabe,  Ojibwe’ White Earth Nation 
Jene L. McCovey
Laura Civica
Carol Rosskam 
Maureen Bourne
Anjelica Triola
Ramona J. robinson
Rosemary Rifino Lenape
Emily Wickman
Juli Rees
Linda seiler
CindyMaughan Eastern Cherokee USA
Jeff Cobb on behalf of all the women in my life.
Stacy Amaya
Brennan Raines
Jolene Waupekenay/Ojibwe
LeeAnn Cogert
Maya Tenzer
Nancy Crozier
Zena breumelhof
Ceinwen Muirhead, Mi'kmaq & Wolastoqiyik
Chasidy Gray, Cree tribe 
Maria Crista
Katrina Sponheim, Cree
Kimberly Nelson
Ashley Kessler 
Rebecca Rungsang
Anja Lukicic Burger
Bryan K. Brown
Jessica  Whitworth
Sed Shadowhawk 
Tina Pena 
Patricia Wittig
Scobie Whitebeans
Lauren Abramson 
Margaret Parker
Dorothy Aguilera-Black Beat
Amanda Curtis decendant of multi-nations
William kruhmin
Allison Haggart
Diana Schroeder
Matthew Bailey
Cheryl Velasquez
Myrna Clark
Tayka Karine Raymond  Ojibwe Nation
Jacqueline Shea Murphy
Shaunessy Mckay, Eel Ground First Nation
Danyel Elder 
Amber Stanley
Kathleen O’Hara
Sara Legatski
NaWalka Geeshy Meegwun (Longfeather) aka Lyndon George
Kelly Kraemer
Kerri Fenwick
Isabelle Gros-Louis Wendate
Lynda west
Tasha turnbaugh
Coni Eldred
Anne Celine Guyon
Ann Finster 
Kathy Bradshaw 
Donna Oleksiuk
Christal Moose, Mille lacs Band of Ojibwe
Jill Wylie
Amanda Volz
Tara Pelton 
Beth Kornegay
Linda Weedmark
Tania Heremuru Lorenzana (TAINO)
Michael  Heiden
Linze Southwick 
Nancy Coole 
Sarah Terrell
Jane Hightower
Jessie Stueck
Amanda Morrisette, Oglala Lakota
Jackie Tabone
Kathleen Marszalek 
sam mcgowan
Crystal Hardy  
Terran Giacomini
Sarah Farahat
Alana, Heard 
Aidan johnson
martine chatelain
bill larsen
Cindy Wilhite
Dawn Lampe
Juliette woods
Susan Turvey
Christie LeMaster
Chyle Crossley
Connie Lalmi - Navajo
Miizhaki Giizhagweb   Wabigooniw Sagaiganing 
nathalie rech
Monika Hinse
Stephanie Mickler (Cherokee)
Sara-Anne Peterson
Kelly Loftis
Cindy Brown
Annette Doyle
Robyn Paul
Cruz Maria
Jane Flotron
Emily Bruner
Jennifer Brown
Krystyna Slawecki
Cheyenne Phoenix- Diné/Northern Paiute
Maya Rabasa
Martha Klein
Tracy Woll
Marissa, Diaz -Mapuche-
Ruth perry
Yonathan Uriel
joel holmberg
Steve Wu
gina wellner
Amanda Stubits 
julie bower
Sukhman Boparai
Jenna Dunsby
Delia Romero
Karen Peters
LynMarie Berntson
Florence Roberson
Rev. "Lizard" Cisco
Shushan Bacon
Eryn Wise, Jicarilla Apache & Laguna Pueblo
Angel Robinson, Metis
Petina Musselman
jillian e kirkham, mix
Amanda Blied
Hermione Wade

Rebecca Lord
Muriel Doris
Teresa Chartrand
Sonya Littlejohn
Elisha Belmont
Bianca Errico
Lavina Snakeskin
Bear Gonzales
Jody Young, Cherokee
Sarah Szwok
Nikisha Liesegang-Stamper
Ashley McCray, Absentee Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma/Oglala & Sicangu Lakota
Kara Middleton
Ash Boydston
Rubi Vergara-Grindell
Marilyn Sundeen
Ileene Anderson
Thomas Patrick
Artemisa Coimbra
Fran Alexander
Lloyd Brown
Janice Dowson
Kathleen Belanger
Heather Tinnaro
Lillian Deeb
Nannette M. Gonnella, Onondaga Nation Snipe Clan
Christine Fidler
Duncan MacKinnon
Andrea Berliner
Mia Ritter-Whittle, Caddo and Delaware
Adam Phipps
Natasha Kanapé, Innu
Bina Salimath
Stephi Seidle
Carla Krichbaum
Jen Costello
Liz Goldhammer
Paula Peltier, Chippewa
Jane Polley
Mika Petersen
Mary Russell
Charlene Simon
Julie Rufo
Brendan Orsinger
Stella Lauckner
Gingger Shankar
Karin Scarth
Sandi Martens-Carpenter
Brooke Watson
Thea Shaw
Elizabeth Cameron
Marcelle Roy
Kathryn Saunders
Kenneth Weis
Lee Anne White, Metis
Matthew Hayward
Johnny Perry, Secwepemc
Judith Kraak
Harriet Quiney
Norma Martinez-Barrett
Marcia MacDonald
Taralyn Dicus
Tamara Colaque, Walatowa
Nancy Scott-Cayce
Barbara, Britz
Dennis Cook, Opaskweyak Cree Nation
Alicia Adams
Toni Jensen
Maia Wikler
Michelle Ochs, Chippewa Tribe
Chloe Devine
Paul Morse
Marissa Butler
Elizabeth McLaren
Christine White
Brittany Riemer
Valerie Sing Turner
Miko Philip
Heather Taskrr
Honora-Bright Aere, Muskegon/Tslagi
Angela Hollaus
Olivia Ashbee
Carol Gordon
Deanne Achong
Celeste Gagnon
Noreen Begoray
Margot Challborn
Charmae Bartlett
Jenny Zander
Sierra Hollister
Cory Alperstein
Maya Burke, Tooro Tribe Uganda
Genevieve Robidas
Paula Bourque
Mari Hollingsworth
Xochitl Longstaff
Melissa Clements
Lisa Huff
Celeste Goulding
Gail Tiefenbach
Michelle Morin
Wendy Simpson
Tara Lyons
Jennifer Sprague
Ferryn Nowatzki
Annette Theisen-Mitchell
Kenny Ruth, Lac Suel First Nation
Kaschelle Thiessen
Maredith Goodin
Regula Züger de Cáceres
Dalia Szafer
Tonya Jones
Faten Toubasi
Patricia Kirinkov
Sam Snidal
Alicia LaBarge, Lac du Flambeau
Kathleen Moore
N. Refes
Lauren Williams
Kelly Delatorre
Bobbie J Hazelbrook
Monica Tancon
Krista Boyce-Goulette
Sahil Gupta
Elizabeth Beltz
Sandy Trull
Julia Riddell
Jeff Bateman
Erin Osborne
Zeenat Littles
Judith Guthrie
Janie Rollins
Katherine Flink
Salli Darkhorse
Tiny Bird
Paul Stacey, Metis/Cree
Monica Dragosz
Laura Keeth-Rowledge
Rose Alisandre
Gabrielle Lucier
Tavleen Purewal
Jane Heather
Aletha McGee
Carletta Downs
Katherine Shelton, All Nation
Arci Pasanen, Vrinda
Sheena Beaton
Ryan Johnson
Sanna Darby
Lee Wotherspoon
Heather Brain Ioway
Tamara Neuhaus Gea Navarro
Anton Zagel
Felicia Teter, Yakama Nation
Pamela Maxwell
Kevin Daniels
David Larose
Karly Rose, Fond Du Lac Band Lake Superior Chippewa
Summer Aubrey, Cherokee Nation
Allison Smith
Maryann Abbs
Aubrey Trevino
Wendy Bannerman-Clark
Jade Valenzuela
Li Boyd, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe
Suz Coulter
MaryKay Schaeffer, Odawa
John Paul Taylor
Suzanne Cornell
Sarah Eaketts
Jill Brown, Akwesasne, St. Regis Mohawk Tribe
Sandy Brown
Debra Bell
Sharon Williams
Jolene Desson
Joe Logan
Helene Bachman
Lisa Ray
Elizabeth Atly
Rita Stevens
Christine Fidler
William Tyler
Sonovia, Yakama Tribe
Valerie Rodriguez
Jenai Longstaff
Alison Healy
Jody Johnson
Andrea Prazmowski
Anna Schier
Casey Billiot
Salina Manson
Floris White Bull, Standing Rock Nation
Harmony Lambert, Chumash
Michelle La Fata
Andrea Swanson
Jo Walter
Jack Downey
Jo Waiter
Nathan Bell Kinbadket
Otto Youngers
Ursel Krzykowski
Carol Elander
N. Tschida
Donna Oleksiuk
Amy McKee
Phil Badiz
Madeline Wilson
Debra Lambert
Hayley Zacks
Elaine Hughes
Xenoa Skinteh
Brenda Bonin, Skwah Band on behalf of mother
Windy Divelbiss, Chumash
Wendie Dockstader
Jaclyn Mendez, Yurok
Randall Voyles
Patrick Berger
Stephen Herrick
Marilyn Booton
Tina Urban
Artemio De Los Santos, Jr, US Army Veteran
Leilani Finau, Haida, Tsimpsian, Samoan
Michael Westen
Arlene Amaya
Douglas Fugge
Elisa LeFlore, Choctaw
Mick Richards
Patricia Burke
Wendy Foulke
Rebecca Burtt
Cynthia Pisano
Susan Krebs
Cynthia Hicks
Elanore Fodor
Leonie Heidinger, Germany
Julie-Anne Le Gras
Thomas Haas
Meredith Boldon
Susan Hill
Edwin Merida
Ara Johnson
Susan Coltellaro
Aaron Hauger
Krista Gattis
Ross Creason
Leslie Dryg
Shaelyn Watson
Krista Amyotte
Noelle, Teller and Navajo Nation
Megan Cowan
Rita Wong
Karlie Cotton
Donna Haagen
Karen Arnink
Dorothy Rawleigh
Kathy Heitzmann
April Gagnon
Paola Gisonni
Kathy McTavish
Lucia Lumbag
Jewell Davis
Holly Raaphorst
Stephanie Wittenberg
H. Thomson
Jill Kennedy McCabe
Chris Braymen
Marlene Clark
Paydahbin Aby
Tamara Womack
Noah Hicks 
Susan Rackley
Theresa Finkbeiner
Owen Perry
Mercedes Albert
Janna Flautt
Heath Macclaren
Jaime Perry
Sarah Owen
Cindy Stewart-Rinier, Kootenai
Sarah Stansill
Rebecca Sanford
Angela Henderson
Harriet Smith
Darcy Rangen
Constance Norman
Jenna Skogberg
Gabi Hölter
Rose Melnyk Stuxwtews
Annabella Piugattuk, Inuit
Theodore Ellinas
Crystin Orser
Chris Brown
Aprille Gilmore
Kathleen Lake
Pablo Griffith
Mary May
Vi Ahrens
Dana Lopez
Lisa Santana, Lummi Nation
Vernon Dustyhorn, Kawacatoose First Nation
Esme Hogeveen
Dana Harvey
Maraya Hart
Rachel Brown
Latasha Burbank
Susan Cline
J. Beverly
Jessica Koga
G. Laster
Lawrence Fredeen
Mario Golden
Natasha Joseph, Lakota
Anne Weiss
Windy Divelbiss, Chumash
Olivia Divelbiss, Chumash
Patricia Barkaskas, Métis
Katie Donahue
Melana Bazil, Gitxsan/Wet'suwet'en
William Tyler
Richard Tyler, UK
David Moden
Tami Brock
Nikola Rodriguez, We Wai Kai Nation
Jayne Stillwell
Paulina C. Orduno

Emma Jayne, Geraghty

Renee Lopez

Adele P Welch

Donlea McCombs, Cherokee Nation

George Stephen Kirby

Razvan Anton

Abbey Piazza

Coy Bethune, Pokanoket

Deborah Bledsoe

Teye Edwards, Oneida Nation

Debra Hayes, Cornewell/Cherokee

Cynthia Edwards

Shelia Numan

Victoria Gavia

Chris Brown

Calvin Gibson, Iroquois

Lila Cast, Ojibway

Shannon Brown

Marilyn Ortega

Tammy Raffaele

Carol Atkinson

Cindi McCarty Smith

Amanda Rekunyk, Carrier and Kawakatoose Nations

Simon Derome

Melanie Sylvestre  

Sonja Myllymaki

Heather Hinsa

Mariah Benson

Sam D'Alfonso

Lynn Dion

Ren Star

Deborah Clarke

Maria Peronino

Adrienne Lusk

Fanny Aishaa

Antonia Chacon

Amy Crawford

Nicole de Leeuw

Elizabeth McLaren

Kimberley Kostiuk, Long Plain

Laura E.C. Beaudoin

Deb Bledsoe

James Bear and Kiowa

Sunday Harrison, guest in Tkaronto

Sailor Isabella

NaNcy Blose

Julie Sanford

Charmae Bartlett

Mia Joy Brown

Karen Ethridge

Melissa Fayant

Bronwyn Bataillard, Métis

David Segerts, Dene Nation

Michelle Chavez Kewa

David Segerts, Dene Nation

Tia Joah

Natasha Courtoreille

Nick Boyd

Susan Leibik

Phyllis Johnston

Allan Crawshaw

Nicole Nelson

Chris Gravel

Char Verishine

Mark Brill

Mary Halligan

Penny Gleave

Nancy Sumpter

Miguel Lopez

Erica Melton

Judy Hoeppner

Keith Mastin, Tsek'ehne from MLIB

Hugarth Sii

Amanda Cleaver

Elaine Tremblay

Tina Gonnermann

Christine Boyd

Mickie Sexsmith

Cindy Bradley

Wanda Adams

Gillian Clogg

Bev Kolson

Julie Ponsford

Nancy Lefeaux

Molly Ritchie

Jeremy Rimmer

Denise Giago

Signi Thorleifson

Paula Heke

Marty Layne

Jan Beintema

Maev Robinson

Jessica Phillips

Shanta' Locklear

Suzanne Morin

Dale Price

Maurice Shapiro

Nela Leja

Valerie MacKenzie

Erica Qualy

Deb Day, Ojibwa

Jennifer Robin Russell

Talon LaRue, Mikmaq

Maria Hernandez

Glenda Petersen

Susan Breeze

Enid Martin

Margaret Fetzer

Jackie L Likes

Astrid Starke

Janice MacMillan

Dyane Brown

Laura Leach

Joseph de Lange

Elsa H, Anishinaabe

Shannon Power

Dennis Wilkinson

Shara Wilkey

Barbara Starr Arellano

Micheline Belisle

Yvonne Peddemors

Sonja Sundqvist


Aleksandra Žikić, Ekofemina, Serbia

Kelsey Avril

Justice John, Kehewin

Amy Ostlie

Ann Turner

Maryann Kamphuis

Danielle Code

Cat Toplensky

Viviane Mc Conkey

Sarah Queener-Plourde

Audrey Khan

Wendy Hermance

Brynne Becker

Melanie Wild

Jendayi Johnson

Antonia Ursa

Brenda Boldt

Casey Helm

Kirsten Hurworth

Victoria Ollikka

Sara Czech

Frances Rosser

Sinead de Paor

Shannon Clark

Sophie Qin

Jillian Hardy

Kimi Stewart

Natasha Grimm

Jules Hill

Karin Anger

Beatrice Gentili-Hittos

Makena Macey

Lena Slanisky

Dawn Fizzard

Kelly Boniface

Victoria Spencer

Jacob Marion

Mal Cooper

Sonja Lindberg

Hilary McRobbie

Todd Ljuba

Lillis Lawrence

Anna Jose

Dallas Mangnell

Amber Kallal

Ara Wilmot

Cindy Cashin

Susan Quipp

Roaine Ash-Maheux

Jerri Struss

Michael Haldane

Teresa Danielle Faucett

Loni Sipes

Nadine J Draney

Megan Stecyk

Kelly Brooks

Lynda Laushway

Sara Long, Quinault

Kate Rose

Ivonne Ramirez

Gisèle Bouvier

Jane Keating

Avalon Sands

Maureen Hyde

Judy Bowen

Larry K Bird

Sherry Moon

Joeann Argue

Sarah Deskins

Holly Aragon

Heidi Sipress

Rhiannon Cooper

Deanne Pala, Six Nation

Sharon Bear Robe, Siksika Nation

Georgina Crate

Thomas Johnston

Stephanie Wolfe, Maskwacis Cree, Ermineskin Cree Nation

Dania Colegrove

Victoria Good

Zoe Blunt, WildCoast.ca

George Stephen Kirby, Ki yen hit "new hemlock house" Tlingit

Paula Devlin, Saulteaux

Marcos Bernaldez

John Kennedy

G Hamilton

Joyce Ohrvall

Melanie Trinkle

Nerak Enolam

Jon Jette

Gerry Shingoose

Lorelei Williams, Skatin Nations

Michelle Walmsley

April Thompson

Lydia Vincler

Jim Aleck

Geri Meyle

C Castle

Maanii Oakes, Waskaganaish and Sagamok, Anishnabek and Swampy Cree

Victoria Good

Marianna Padolsky

Tom Shelby

Ian Williams

Patricia Traynor

Pauline Zorosak

Ash Collins

Denice Lajeunesse

Susan Fairweather

Lisa Sterritt

Peg Benoit

N Sack

Rebecca Faust

Laryssa Paulson

Sammi J Futorian

Joie Johnson

Patricia Wolfe

Maryann Valentine

Deborah Marion

Steve Harris, Seneca Nation

Ruth Winfield

Lilithe Magdalene

Kelley Gemeiner

Hataxim Gannauuh Cheryl Morgan

Christy Ballinger

Philip Lockhart

Nii Jiits K am Ha an, Nisga'a/Tsimshian

Kimberly Bridges

Nancy Schultz, Maliseet, Tobique

Kathy Erdman

Raven Jimmy, Lyackson/Quwutsun

Bijoux Kolonji

Vera Peters

Phillip Brady, Shonshone

Rick Morse

Katharine Cotrell

Pauline Girvin, Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians

Rosemari Roast

Jaime Oquendo

Mariko Down

Divina Ridley

Angeila Baldwin

Deb Bledsoe

Renee Locks

Loretta Tremblay

Cris Greene

Tiffany Joseph, Sḵwx̱wú7mesh and W̱SÁNEĆ

Sara Hayes

Kim Curtis

Felicia Howard

Geraldine Walsh

Darlene Clubb

Tricia Leonard

Judith Lienhard

Tricia Leonard

Rachel Lazarus

Lyla Petrella Santangelo

Julie Fisher

Chad Carlson

M. Victoria Julian

Constance Tolleson

Charlotte Alling

Charlotte P. Alling

Molly Haws

Sharon Hayes, Santee Sioux

Jodi Golder, Shuswap/Mikmaq/Ojibwe

Ursa Jeanettechild

Ray Martinez, Support Haka with Standing Rock

Ruben Warner   

Ellen Koski

Louise Pare

Sandy Owen

Rosalie Austin, Lac Courte Oreilles Ojiibwa

Elizabeth Blaustein

Lynn Oatman, Ojibwe

Katherine Ames

Karen Bell

Brenda Kennedy

Laura Esquer

Tim OConnor

Edith Murphy

Stephanie Allen, Upper Cayuga Six Nations

Katie Kasben

Susan Stout, Settler on Tsleil Wau-tuth territory

Janice Gloe

Deborah Redshirt, Blackfeet/Navajo

Alida Porter

Frank Schoen

Richard Moore

Theresa White Mountain

Shannon Kasben

Jesenia Majek

Kat Redding

Rae Ranginui, Maori, Hineoeone Clan

Bina Salimath

Linda Meyers

Jo Murray

Lorinda Bird

Darlene Gibson

Kayla Sutherland, Mushgegowok Cree

Brian Green

Jenna Breuer, Maniwaki Algonquin

Sonja Duran

Donna Duncan Anderson

Carlos Molina

Anjanette George

Denbigh Perry, Inupiaq

Raz Anton

Jaime Oquendo

Joan V Yearsley

Leslie Robinson

Anne Mendoza

Jennifer Buckley, Standing Rock

Pamela Widmer

Forrest Moss, Eastern Band of Cherokee

Angela Sparling

Joann Jones

Lori Wood

Cynthia Geerdes

Virginia Simson

M Bartul

Ron Hart

Stephanie Grout

Chris Maukonen

Toni J Syring

E Alexander

Gary Brush

Stephanie Klemetsrud (Dalpez-George), Shuswap

Theresia Munywoki

Rosemary Carter

Suzanne Seeley, Navajo

Mary Hunt

Audrey Clinton

Sheila Elaine Watts

Sandee Tranfield

James Robert Parrish

Joan Mcdonald

Kim Campbell , Mdewakanton Dahkota

Laurie Almquist

Jill Brown, Saint Regis Mohawk

R Spangler

Mel Delger

Karen Watson

Susan Howard

Sandy Allen, Shawnee

Bonnie Campbell

Maria Jesus Goñi

Janice VrMeer

Danielle Miller, Descendent of Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate

Jessica Edwards

Sarah Dungan

Valerie Peer

Roz Isaac

Mary Day

Claire Hanley

Maddie Hague

EM Anzalone

Vlad Quigley

Kelly Allen

Michael Protenic

Glenn France

Paul Nash

Michael Murphy

Michelle Basius

Janet Reid

Hans Leo

Emily Rowe

Zillah Minx

Sid Truelove

Bennie Wiley

Mark Klingensmith

Nico Schulz

Pennie Opal Plant, Yaqui, Choctaw, Cherokee Movement Rights

Stephanie Erev

Kathy Estes-Morgan

Jacob Steijn

Connie Krause .

Jeffrey Arnold

Cheryl Cameron

Roberta Weems, Standing Rock Souix

Rachel Wood Paiute

Terri Bauer

Ingrid Vaughan

Nancy Lefeaux

Joseph Witt

Elizabeth Lipman-Stern

Nachiko Yokota

Jean Tepperman

George Kirby, Ki yen hit, Tlinigit

Donna Johnson, Wuikinuxv Nation (formerly Oweekeno Band)   

Lynne Cracknell

Monica Pereira

Brenda DeBerry

Sue Jackson, Choctaw

Rosa Manuela Valle Castro

Deborah Aird

Catherine Murupaenga-Ikenn, Ngati Kuri and Te Rarawa, Aotearoa, NZ

Tim Solanic

Vic Brice

Samantha Hay

Dale Steinhauer of the Cree in Saddle Lake Treaty #6 Territory

Charmaine Hanslit

Sariah Korneluk

Marian Spotswood

Miquella Sanchez

Denise Olson

Christina Moynagh

Darlene Eccleston, Metlakatla

Brett MacIsaac

Xochi Madera

Bernice Courson, Metis

Sarah Strange

Shelia Numan

Steve Sasiadek

Samantha Hodge

Lydia Garvey

Patti Floyd

Diane Rae

Aven Ross

Rebecca L Burnell

Annie O'Brien

Stephanie Hedgecoke, Huron Nonstatus

Emma Goodman

Lisa LeVally Evans

Adrian Lewis, Tsimpshian/Nisga'a Nation

Regina Anishinabe

Betsy Kraus

George Summers

Carrie Cutforth

Judy Black

Heather Fougere

Molly Swain, Métis

David Paul Danos

Brian Ó hÍomhair

Arlene Wespestad

Mary Martin

Nancy Denham

Tim Krahn, on Williams Treaties lands

Gerd Duerner

Radha Patel

Alison Gillis

Amy Lubik

Claudia Stewart

Laurie Leyshon

Sharon Healy

Valerie Scott

Susan Kelsey

D'Arcy Jeffery

Johanna Hauser

Dr. Christine Elsey

Lini Hutchings

Charmaine Ross, Treaty 4, Peepekisis

K Jones

Joan James

Britton Jacob-Schram

Tannis Nielsen, Metis

Patricia Bell

Debbie Guthrie

Marc Berezowski

Melanie Grace

Lillian Hawkins

Katie Waller

Dorothy Hodgins

Lee Ann Foster

Corey Walker

Margaret Burt

Lindi Light

Barbara Liotscos, Settler Secwepemc territory 

Salmon Norgaard-Stroich

Kim Dorsey

Jennifer Weston, Standing Rock Sioux/Hunkpapa Lakota

Brenda Huff

Lana Halme

S Wilkins

Suree Towfighnia

Bill Vinton

Laura Moodie

Carolyn Cass

Geoffrey Nielson

Laura Moodie

Teresa Carter

Kaitlyn Modz

Ellen Agger

Cassandra Miles

Sonya Weatherbee

M W Harris

Cat Tomlinson

Jordan Whitley

Julia E. Murphy

Sheila Danko

Jackie Julty

Sue Heal, Haida Nation

Kim Hunter, Metis

Samantha Raftery

Sheila Atcher

Stephanie L Barragan

Arielle Cohen

Lilla Fortunoff

Lisa Ray

Secwepemecul'ecw Assembly 2017

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